Every child with an Adrenaline Auto injector (like Epipen), should have an ‘Allergy Action Plan’. 


Also join the Anaphylaxis Campaign at  https://www.anaphylaxis.org.uk/


The needle of Epipen (or Jext or Emerade) has to be inserted and held in the muscle for 10 seconds to deliver the drug.


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  1. Which is the best out of all of them?


    • They are all the same. Slightly different mechanism of the actual injector. In Emerade, the cap is in the same side as the needle as opposed to Epipen and Jext. Emerade is also available in 500 micrograms, which is prescribed for older children and adults.


  2. Well done Ramnik, excellent resource

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  3. This is a very helpful site!

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