Domperidone (can be prescribed) for insufficient lactation in new mothers

Many mothers face the problem of not having enough milk supply during first few weeks after birth. They sometimes have to resort to formula milk to meet the demand of the newborn. The breastfeeding rates in UK are amongst the lowest in Europe.

There is enough evidence to prove that Domperidone (an anti sickness medication), is effective in increasing the lactation in new mothers. It has few side effects like dry mouth, tiredness and malaise. There is an extrememly small risk of arrythmia in people who are susceptible to heart arrythmias. Otherwise it’s very well tolerated and produces good results.

Author: ramnikmathur

Private Paediatrician and specialist in allergies

One thought on “Domperidone (can be prescribed) for insufficient lactation in new mothers”

  1. Having been prescribed Domperidone by Dr Mathur following a sudden drop in my exclusively breastfed 12 week old’s weight. I can verify it worked brilliantly, increasing my milk production almost instantly. My baby is now up a centile and a thriving 17 week old. I did experience the side effects of dry mouth and fatigue, but I believe this helped produce more milk also as I was drinking more water due to the dry mouth. I would definitely recommend this product for increasing breastmilk production. It really works!


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