Gastroesophageal reflux disease is very common in babies and can be very distressing for the baby and the parents. Baby is unsettled all the time and cries, more after feeds. There may be visible vomit or milk in the mouth but sometimes it can be silent reflux.

Management is by

  1. feeding more frequently with small volumes / less time on the breast each time (it can be tricky).
  2. Burping very well after feeds, for 10-15 min after each feed.
  3. Adding feed thickeners to milk, like Gaviscon infent or buying a pre-thickened formula like Aptamil AR etc.
  4. Sleeping the baby at an angle of 25-30 degree with the head end rasied
  5. Acid suppression by drugs like Omeprazole / Ranitidine, prescribed by docotrs.
  6. Anti-reflux medication, prescribed by docotrs for severe cases of reflux.
  7. Considering Cow’s milk protein allergy in reflux associated with dry skin, runny stools along with straining.

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