Common cough/cold, Diarrohoea & Vomiting in children!

This Monday was the busiest in A&E (I think busiest ever in the history of Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust). I personally saw around 20-25 kids and advised on another 30-35. Most had Diarrhoea and vomiting, coughs and colds!

Diarrhoea and vomiting (Acute Gastroenteritis)

Very common at the moment and doesn’t seem to be stopping. Usually starts with vomiting and then may stop there or progress to diarrhoea as well. Sometimes it’s just diarrhoea without vomiting. Anything is possible in medical world! (more…)

Is it ‘Asthma’? Or a ‘viral wheeze’?

Many children present to their GPs or come to A&E with difficulty in breathing and are given inhalers / nebulisers, which sometimes make them better. (more…)

Another WhatsApp/Facebook myth!!

Giving Yoghurt when someone is unwell, like coughing,  is not good. That’s a baseless theory. Yoghurt (curd) has got lot of good bacteria and if anything, it may help you recover quickly. It may help you with the good bacteria in your gut (intestine), specially if you are on antibiotics which kill all bacteria in you gut, good and bad.

Again, most infections are viral, so you should not take unnecessary antibiotics unless your doctor feels that you need them. Do not pressurise them to prescribe antibiotics, as they will do more harm than good. They do not work on viruses, which are the cause of most of the common infections.


Immunisation (Why not?)

I still come across parents, who for one reason or another, decide against immunising their children. (more…)

Prolonged cough

After an infection (which are mostly viral), it’s very common for children to continue to cough for a long time, sometimes weeks or even months. It’s quite irritating and worrying for parents. (more…)


CMPA is quite common and may present as persistent vomiting, diarrhoea / constipation, poor weight gain, dry skin / rash, blood in stool and excessive crying. Treatment is by eliminating cows milk (CMP) from diet but only under specialist supervision. (more…)