Febrile convulsions

Very common. We see at least 2-3 everyday in A&E. Typically, happen in children 6months -6 years, with fever, all 4 limbs jerking (Generalized tonic clonic), less than 5 minutes, wake up within an hour. No subsequent weakness or long term effects. Slightly increased risk of developing Epilepsy. No investigation or treatment required. If any […]

Shall I talk about what expectant and post delivery mums are given to eat ? (by their mothers / mum-in-laws). I can tell you, it’s not needed.

As soon as you are pregnant, you are treated as a patient (I agree, things are improving, but most parts, it’s the same old story). You are not allowed to walk fast, eat certain things, etc. etc. Actually, first trimester, you have to be careful, but later, you can relax a little bit


Saw a child today whose parents were worried that he kicks his legs, while watching iPad. I said, the treatment is simple – Take the iPad away! These repetitive, non-purposeful movement are called TICS. They can be in many forms like, smacking of lips, eye blinking, shrugging of shoulders etc. Treatment is to ignore them […]


There have been some sensible talks lately about Diets and Dieting. I always believed that there is no point in extreme Dieting, like excluding Carbohydrates from your diet, etc. Many of my friends did that and relapsed back sooner or later, getting fatter (oops!), than before!! On the other hand, some people would avoid sugar […]