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Saw a child with constipation today. Was suffering with very hard painful stools. Parents were reluctant to give her laxatives (irrational fear of dependence). After some education, she is well maintained on decent amounts of Movicol (Available in Chocolate flavour as well). After few months their requirement of laxatives goes down. I haven’t seen any […]

Allergies in children

Allergies to various substances is getting more and more common for various reasons including ‘Hygiene Hypothesis’ (Google it).  Some families are prone to have allergies and these people are known as ‘ATOPIC’. They are more likely to have allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever, allergic rhinitis etc. These are all related conditions. Most children grow out […]

ODD shaped heads in babies

It’s called Plagiocephaly in medical terminology. Plagiocephaly is a disorder that affects the skull, making the back or side of a baby’s head appear flattened. It is sometimes called deformational plagiocephaly. There are no symptoms associated with plagiocephaly other than the flattened appearance of the back of the head – either evenly across the back or […]