Immunisation (Why not?)

I still come across parents, who for one reason or another, decide against immunising their children. (more…)

Prolonged cough

After an infection (which are mostly viral), it’s very common for children to continue to cough for a long time, sometimes weeks or even months. It’s quite irritating and worrying for parents. (more…)


CMPA is quite common and may present as persistent vomiting, diarrhoea / constipation, poor weight gain, dry skin / rash, blood in stool and excessive crying. Treatment is by eliminating cows milk (CMP) from diet but only under specialist supervision. (more…)

Prolonged bottle feeding

A very common ‘problem’ seen in children is that they are ‘bottle fed’ forever.

It’s because both the child and the parents find it very ‘convenient’. (more…)

Asthma / Viral wheeze

Many parents ask if their child have Asthma! It is quite a concerning diagnosis as they have heard lot of ‘things’ about Asthma. (more…)


Headache is quite a common complaint we see in children. Most of the time, it is transient and gets better within few days. Sometimes, it can be chronic and cause concern in parents and General Practitioners alike. (more…)

Paracetamol & Ibuprofen dosing

These are doses from British National Formulary (more…)