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Paracetamol (Aetaminophen / Calpol) in pregnancy may be associated with increased risk of Asthma in the child !

I had heard of this article being discussed in statistics lectures but never got round to confirm it. I believe, not many people, including Medical practiotioners are aware of this. (I may be wrong)! This was a systematic review and meta-analysis which seems to confirm the association.

Common behavioural issues in children

We as Paediatricians see lot of parents who are worried about the behaviour of their children. Issues like temper tantrums including banging their heads, aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity, disturbed sleep, attention seeking etc. The one that is the most common is fussy eating, specially in Asian communities (including friends & family). They would go to any […]

Can we prevent Mental Health issues or disorders

Cure is really difficult and a long process in mental health conditions including age related conditions. Similar to any physical condition, prevention is better than cure in conditions like depression / dementia. I don’t know why nobody talks about preventing strategies. Probably because there is no evidence that anything specific works.  Though I am a […]

Domperidone (can be prescribed) for insufficient lactation in new mothers

Many mothers face the problem of not having enough milk supply during first few weeks after birth. They sometimes have to resort to formula milk to meet the demand of the newborn. The breastfeeding rates in UK are amongst the lowest in Europe. There is enough evidence to prove that Domperidone (an anti sickness medication), […]