Painkillers/Antipyretics for pain/fever in children


Paracetamol This is perhaps best known to parents as Calpol (UK and Ireland), Panadol or Crocin (Australia) or Tylenol (in the States), however, there are other brand names. There are two different preparations of Calpol depending on age (120mg/ 5mls or 250mg/5mls) so make sure to clarify what the parent has at home. Paracetamol can […]

Coronavirus facts – what we know so far!


Coronavirus facts: Most people will get a mild infection, but the pattern is clear in the most severe cases. A World Health Organization examination of data from 56,000 patients suggests:6% become critically ill – lung failure, septic shock, organ failure and risk of death14% develop severe symptoms – difficulty breathing and shortness of breath80% develop […]