Questions about vaccinating your children

Immunisation (Why not?)

I still come across parents, who for one reason or another, decide against immunising their children. (more…)

Please give Paracetamol AFTER vaccination.

From BNF for children Post-immunisation pyrexia in infants (see also Post-immunisation pyrexia in infants)

  • Paracetamol by mouth

  • Child 2–3 months 60 mg as a single dose repeated once after 4–6 hours if necessary
    (dose can be repeated twice for meningococcal B vaccine)
    Child 4 months 60 mg as a single dose repeated after 4–6 hours (max. 4 doses in 24 hours)


Chicken Pox vaccine

I am so ‘Pro’ vaccine as I can’t think of a reason ‘not to immunise’ your child if there is safe and effective vaccine available. Ok, I am not going to debate why some people decide not to immunise their child. Those people just need to look at some good data and statistics and get ‘real‘. (more…)

Meningitis B vaccine

There was a lot of social media talk about Men B vaccine couple of months ago. Now the Vaccine has become available privately. 2-3 doses are required with at-least a 2 month interval between the doses. (more…)