Private Practice

I have practising privileges at  Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow and Syon Clinic in Brentford. I offer consultations for common problems like headache, abdominal pain, excessive vomiting, excessive crying, odd shaped heads, tongue tie, poor weight gain, constipation, neonatal jaundice, allergies etc.


If you are using health insurance,  it is also usually wise to contact your insurance company to authorise the consultation. If you are paying for the consultation yourself, you can just ring the appointments line to make an appointment. I do not need a referral letter from your gP, but your insurance company may ask for one.

I have also started consultations at home (TW2), if I think that the child will not need any blood tests or X-ray etc. as I don’t have these facilities at home. If you wanted to be seen at home, please contact me and we can discuss if it’s suitable to see your child at home. I am usually available most weekdays between 6-7 pm.


It is not necessary to hold private health insurance to be treated privately, however you should be aware that a fee will be charged for my services for private consultations and for surgery.

In addition, the hospital may also charge for the use of certain facilities, such as X-ray, blood investigations and inpatient stays.

My fees are generally in line with those recommended by the major insurance companies but, should there be an excess or shortfall in the amount covered by insurance, you will be required to pay the difference. If you require more information about charges, please feel free to contact me.

8 thoughts on “Private Practice

  1. ramnikmathur says:

    Hi Rekha. If you are insured, it’s different for each insurance company like BUPA, AVIVA etc. If you are paying for yourself, it’s £150 for initial consultation and £100 for follow up, if needed.

  2. Ann says:

    Dear Dr Mathur,
    I was wondering what your charges would be for doing an allergy and intolerance test for my 6 month old baby.
    Kind regards

  3. gabriella says:


    I have a 4 year old daughter having abdominal pain. I would like to ask if you do abdominal scan for this young age

    Many thanks

    • ramnikmathur says:

      Sorry, I don’t, but there are private vaccination clinics at Clementine Churchill Hospital and Syon Clinic. If you are in UK, your GP will give your children UK immunisation schedule vaccines.

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