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Can I take painkillers like Paracetamol with Antibiotics? 

Blister packs of antibiotic and painkiller medicine

Another very common misconception. Many people don’t know that these are two completely different things. You should take painkillers (I prefer Ibuprofen, unless you have stomach ulcers)  for any type of pain  or fever. They reduce inflammation (swelling, redness), thereby reducing pain and control the temperature,  which could be caused by virus, bacteria or trauma […]

Painkillers/Antipyretics for pain/fever in children


Paracetamol This is perhaps best known to parents as Calpol (UK and Ireland), Panadol or Crocin (Australia) or Tylenol (in the States), however, there are other brand names. There are two different preparations of Calpol depending on age (120mg/ 5mls or 250mg/5mls) so make sure to clarify what the parent has at home. Paracetamol can […]

Covid Toes

Covid toes

Since October last year, we have seen many cases of “Covid toe” – a rash appearing on Covid patients’ feet even in the absence of other symptoms. Some children have presented with various rashes these days which have no other explanation. Some are like ‘allergic reactions’, some like a ‘viral rash’ and I have seen […]

Fussy eaters

Child refusing food offered by parent

We see lot of children these days, whose parents are worries that their child does not eat any solid food and turns their head the other way when offered any food. It’s natural to worry whether your child is getting enough food if they refuse to eat sometimes. But it’s perfectly normal for toddlers to […]

Coronavirus facts – what we know so far!


Coronavirus facts: Most people will get a mild infection, but the pattern is clear in the most severe cases. A World Health Organization examination of data from 56,000 patients suggests:6% become critically ill – lung failure, septic shock, organ failure and risk of death14% develop severe symptoms – difficulty breathing and shortness of breath80% develop […]