Asthma / Viral wheeze

Many parents ask if their child have Asthma! It is quite a concerning diagnosis as they have heard lot of ‘things’ about Asthma.

Answer is unfortunately not ‘Straightforward’. But luckily, treatment is pretty similar.

Basically (in medical terms) Asthma is the Hyper-reactive airways which could have been triggered by an allergen, like a virus or something like ‘pollen’.

When little children (

On the other hand, children who have had more than 3-4 episodes, have allergies, eczema, hay fever etc., may be called Asthmatics specially if their is a clear family history of similar conditions. We call these families ATOPIC.

Treatment has to be a bit more aggressive with Bronchodilators, preventers (Steroids), steroid tablets (Prednisolone), and may have to see an Allergy / Respiratory Paediatrician.

Managing Asthma in Children – a booklet for parents and carers published by Health Improvement Scotland/SIGN