Can we prevent Mental Health issues or disorders

Cure is really difficult and a long process in mental health conditions including age related conditions. Similar to any physical condition, prevention is better than cure in conditions like depression / dementia.

I don’t know why nobody talks about preventing strategies. Probably because there is no evidence that anything specific works.  Though I am a Paediatrician not a psychologist, I’ll give it a go.  Do comment if you have any experience in this field.


  1. Be active. Find a regular work, even if unpaid. Working keeps your mind active and you get to meet other people. A mind without much to do, gets bored and starts to degenerate, like any other organ which does not get used much.
  2. Exercise. It’s proven that regular exercise helps the brain to remain active and also keeps you physically fit. Fit body, fit mind!
  3. Socialise. Meet and talk to people. If not able to meet physically, at-least talk over phone, facetime, Whatsapp call, Facebook call. There is no excuse in this day & age, to be not to be able to communicate anywhere in the world.
  4. Drink plenty of water. This is the only proven substance which has got no bad ingredient in it.
  5. Eat everything, but in moderation. Don’t consume too much alcohol (obviously)!
  6. Drink 2-3 cups of tea / coffee every day. Apart from beneficial effects of antioxidants as anti-ageing, caffeine itself (which is there in tea as well), may help with memory.
  7. Take multivitamins. With the type of diet most people eat, there is likelihood that you may be deficient in one vitamin or the other like Vitamin D, Iron etc. As the amount of each Vitamin in the over the counter medicines is usually low, it’s unlikely to overdose on a particular vitamin.
  8. Do Crossword or Sudoku or even puzzles. They keep your mind active and possibly increases synaptic connectivity. Read books, both fiction & non-fiction.