Chicken Pox vaccine

I am so ‘Pro’ vaccine as I can’t think of a reason ‘not to immunise’ your child if there is safe and effective vaccine available. Ok, I am not going to debate why some people decide not to immunise their child. Those people just need to look at some good data and statistics and get ‘real‘.

So, even Chicken Pox vaccine has been available for some time now and I have immunised many friends and family. Though a mild illness, chicken pox can have complications specially if you are older. I had it when I was 30, and it was horrible!

Usually a mild illness, it can give considerable grief to a child with terrible itching, high fever, loss of school days and lot of t’time off work’ for parents and carers. Sometimes there can be complications like pneumonia, meningitis, bacterial skin infection etc.

Vaccine has a pretty good safety profile, given in 2 doses and very effective. There is a very good website for all vaccinations