Hay Fever / Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis

Though we wait for summer in countries like UK, for some, it’s the beginning of a misery. These people are suffering with ‘Hay fever’, which can be quite a debilitating condition. Symptoms are runny nose, red watery eyes, sneezing etc. Some patients have these symptoms all year round irrespective of the weather. This is called perennial AR. It’s a good idea to be seen by a doctor, to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment is by antihistamines like Fexofenadine (III generation) or Cetrizine / Loratidine (II generation). For patients > 12, Fexofenadine is the best as it has no sedative side effect. Along with that a Nasal steroid like Nasonex or Flixonase can be  prescribed. With more severe symptoms, combined Nasal spray containing Steroid and antihistaminics can be used like Dymista ( http://dymista.com/ ). The technique of using spray is very important. If eyes are affected, eye drops will be neccessary.

This website has got loads of information and videos for patients and parents.


Hay fever treatment