The ‘good’ things that Indians do !

I have posted about misconceptions and myths that we have inherited from ancestors but there are many good things that Indians do as well

  1. Spices – They have been found to contain anti-oxidants which possibly reduce incidence of cancer and conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Turmeric is the main one. Haldi ka Doodh (Turmeric Latte) tastes yuck, but (hate to say) that it’s possibly good for you
  2. Chatting with everyone – You can’t do a train journey without someone asking your whole family history.Here in UK, if you try to talk to someone on the tube, they’ll think you are a bit ‘ODD’. Keeps you sane!
  3. We know all our neighbours and upto their 2nd degree relatives. In West, you don’t even know the 2nd next neighbour. Everyone prefers to be left alone. Social interaction (within reason), probably slows / stops the onset of Dementia!
  4. Usually they will buy only with cash. Not on credit and will spend only if really necessary (I am different). So overall, dept per person is not as huge as, say UK (£15,000 /pp)
  5. Oil is an essential part of life, be it cooking or putting on your hair. The latter is actually a good idea and it moisturises your hair and prevents hair fall (Don’t have any evidence for that)
  6. Friends and relatives turn up without an appointment. Actually I love that. Not like here, where even parents have to phone you to come to your house.